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I purchased highlighters a month ago so I’ve been using them for a while and they’re still as great as the day I received them. They’re sooooo vibrant. The orange and yellow highliters are very bright and by far my favorites from the pack. The blue and purple are darker than most highlighters but work very well! Hope this review helps.

I was very hesitant to buy since the schools always have their preferred brand of everything, but I was pleasantly surprised by these highlighters! They’re sturdy, the ink is just see-through enough (even the purple), and the edges are crisp and accurate.

price they are pretty good. Bright colours, easy to use with a chisel edge so you can use the flat part or the nib for a finer point. Can’t attest to their longevity but they haven’t leaked or bled through the pages of my notebook so that is a bonus. Good value for money too.

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