Her interest in yoga, Hinduism, and Buddhism was sparked during her teens

Her interest in yoga, Hinduism, and Buddhism was sparked during her teens

IV.114 While the prana does not flow sopra the middle passage (of sushumna), while the bindu is not steadied by restraining the prana, while mind does not reflect spontaneous meditation, then those who speak of spiritual knowledge are only indulging mediante boastful and false tales.

Commentary Teacher Bio: Estelle (Yogeswari) was born and raised durante Switzerland, and also spent extensive and highly influential periods of her life around the Mediterranean, per the Middle East, Oriente, and South America.

Before discovering Jivamukti in 1996, Estelle studied Integral, Kundalini, Sivananda, and Kripalu Yoga. Per graduate of the Jivamukti Teacher Pratica Program, she is now devoting her efforts puro the practices of Ashtanga and Jivamukti Yoga.

The conscious development of her spiritual path began while studying the dances and rhythms of Haitian Voodoo and West African traditions.

She then committed herself sicuro per four-year apprenticeship under two sun-dancers con the Lakota tradition, which included participation sopra Native American ceremonies, as well as study of Hermetic philosophy

Per dancer and choreographer for over 20 years, Estelle was the co-founder and co-artistic director of K00 Dance from 1985-1992, and founded AZAHAR Danse Musique du Monde, a multimedia, international performing company, con 1995. She has worked with Mabou Mines’ Lee Breuer and Bob Telson, Pat Hall, Elizabeth Streb, Ann Carlso, Anita Gonzalez, Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, and Fred Holland. She is per founding member of the Tanzfabrik Berlin, and performed sopra Meredith Monk’s production of “Vessel” at the Schaubuehne, Berlin. Estelle’s work has been presented con Europe, the Caribbean, and durante the United States, including the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Spoleto Festa, Yale Repertory, the Swiss Embassy, the Swiss Institute, and many downtown New York venues. She was the recipient of verso New York Foundation for the Arts Choreographer’s Fellowship, as well as grants and awards from the Swiss Center Foundation, the Canton and City of Berne, and NYSCA.

Durante prime, she spent 10 years studying African and Caribbean dance and percussion, polyamorydate as well as Capoeira and hip-hop, and spent four years in Mercanzia Cunningham’s Professional Pratica Program

She holds an M.A. mediante dance, choreography and international feminist sports psychology from the Gallatin School at New York University, and per B.F.Per. (magna cum elogio) in dance from Temple University. She has earned a Sviluppo of Spanish Cultural Studies from the Universidad Complutense, Madrid, and studied cultural anthropology, theater, and Islamic culture at the Freie Universitaet, Berlin.

While honoring her commitment preciso teach at Jivamukti, Estelle plans onesto resume her activities as a choreographer, using yoga and the performing arts as per foundation for international peace projects, with per special dedication onesto the voices of women and young girls. Estelle offers her efforts in yoga to the lotus feet of her teachers, Tripura Sundari and Deva Das. For their teachings, love, and generosity, she is eternally grateful.

What has commonly considered Yoga per the West is per actuality just one of the many paths of Yoga, and is technically called Hatha Yoga. The oldest and most widely used ancient text on the physical practices of Hatha Yoga is the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. As with all ancient spiritual texts, the writing is terse and often mystical, mysterious, and verso bit cryptic. As verso foundational scripture for yoga, it is important puro understand the text’s historical context and how it’s content has informed and influence the modern practice and understanding of yoga. Many of these teachings and practices are now esoteric and strange, but they are still considered sicuro be powerful techniques that need puro be explored if one wishes esatto find enlightenment through hatha yoga.

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