One pizza pie looks good and i also love pizza pie that you can flex and you will eat

One pizza pie looks good and i also love pizza pie that you can flex and you will eat

I truly want to make a visit to Connecticut and you can wade to help you Pizza pie Globe. Waiting, was not the identity of one’s invest Toy Tale? LMAO. I am deceased.

They have eerily comparable actions and you can speech activities. Really the only differences would be the fact Jaswinder knew exactly who the fresh new hell Chris are. Jeff also provides Chris a slice of pizza pie towards the bottom. I imagined which was really nice out of Jeff.

Therefore Jeff will get detained and i also watched their goddamn interrogation films. Towards most fuckin end Jeff was adamant he did nothing wrong. It absolutely was visitors else’s fault. Jeff try a beneficial fuckin prick, but instead out of shutting their fuckin lips and you can asking for legal counsel, the guy made a decision to talk and get himself toward significantly more issues. I suppose the guy noticed he could speak himself from the costs, but he wound-up burying himself during the a great ration away from shit.

Today, the real deal, There isn’t a great fuckin doctorate for the psychology, but shit, it does not take one find Jeff certainly enjoys sociopathic tendencies

The fresh detective was not with any one of Jeff’s crap. All sorts of disagreement one Jeff made an effort to bring to the brand new table, This new Detective try crushing it. Instance Jaswinder, Jeff stated that “people don’t know very well what we can have experienced” plus the Investigator leftover putting it down as the “That’s not regular.”

Brand new Investigator: So that you was basically likely to go lower here and get married good 13 yr old woman together with her mom’s consent?

The guy has to-be an authorized gender culprit to have 10 decades

Once again, instance Jaswinder, fuckin Jeff left telling The newest Detective observe what he had been browsing create into girl earliest before “bouncing so you can conclusions”. The brand new Investigator sealed him down once again. There is certainly a-game away from emotional warfare taking place anywhere between those people one or two, as well as the interrogation is actually silver for this. Jeff is an entirely disgusting waste from outdoors. Jeff only acted like he was very advanced and you may no-one could take him down.

Jeff fundamentally got 29 months in the prison and a dangling 10 seasons phrase. It’s a long way off regarding he had been designed to keeps. I do believe Jeff is an excellent sociopath. I really don’t use one label gently. The guy wasn’t good psychopath such as for example Todd Surges, but he was bound to go out of that Bailey’s community smashed! He’d have remaining the girl brokenhearted and you may kept to help you die. With the extremely stop Jeff cared no more than Jeff and you can nobody otherwise. The guy needed a bullet on the fuckin skull.

JEFF SOKOL Your FUCKIN Ill FUCKIN COCKSUCKIN Son From Good Bitch. Your Tried to Affect And you may BRAINWASH A 13 Seasons Girl After that You Tried to Get The woman Mom’s PERMISSON To Get married The lady Very You might Screw The woman More than? Need The Golf balls Chopped-off They don’t Really works Anyhow Your GODDAMN SCHMUCK. I hope You Block During the HELL’S Ocean Away from Endless Flames You COCKSUCKIN Guy Of A good Bitch!! Burn off Into the Hell NARCISSISTIC FUCKER.

Jeff have seeking an easy way to strive for her with the speak, no matter if I do believe it was the girl resting throughout the dark family room wearing the fresh bullet proof vest that has been chatting so you can your. She is not taking towards the talk, bruh. Lol. Let it go.

Both missed one another that night. Jeff had a plumbing system matter and you can talked into the mobile phone so you’re able to some woman exactly who sounded far over the age of 13 and you will seemed Nothing eg Afraid Nellie. Hahah. Here

Jeff basic envision Chris was Bailey’s dad, then again changed their song and you can labelled Chris having law enforcement. He reported that he is actually concerned, but really required a hug. Due to this I do not such as pedos. This is why. The guy groomed and you will controlled their method on Bailey’s cardiovascular system. The guy need to have fuckin .40 cal round in the.

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